In her new workbook Restoration, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Cassandre Deus empowers readers to confidently work on the progression of their personal and mental health through prompts and self-assessments. With many on a fast-paced track in life, it’s challenging to accurately follow your mental health progress and note current developments that activate sustainable joy and peace. While the world has a way of changing the trajectory for many people, staying consistent with prioritizing psychological needs is imperative.


In an effort to isolate the noise that often gets in the way of focusing on particular breakthroughs, this workbook helps individuals to stay active in their journey of emotional balance while also practicing self-evaluation and create a healthy awareness surrounding their progress. This four-pillar workbook provides a culmination of journaling and guided practices to express goals, growth, and personal insight for future reference. Additionally, Restoration is a form of validation that helps readers realize their potential and how far they’ve truly come despite the trials and tribulations that have happened. Everyone has an equal opportunity to restore and heal.


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Restoration E-Workbook