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Hi! I’m Cassandre Déus and I am a therapist and life coach that specializes in transitioning women of color to their next phase in life! Throughout the years, I’ve worked with girls and women as young as 14 years old. Although the women that I see are at different stages in their lives, they were all trying to make sense of the world and create a space for themselves. With my guidance, we establish a safe and supportive atmosphere where we embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock inner strength!

Renewed Synergy was conceived shortly after I established my private practice. It was there that I met many amazing women of color unpacking past trauma, exploring underlining reasons for their anxiety and depression and working towards becoming whole. Although I’ve had success with my clients, I felt that my role as a clinician was limited. I wanted to be able to create a vast network for these women so that if and when our therapeutic relationship ends, they can continue to receive support from me as well as from one another.

My vision is to create a resource where women can feel comfortable sharing personal and professional vignettes for those who are not quite ready or able to enlist help from a therapeutic professional. I hope this resource provides you with advice, strength and encouragement to live your life to the fullest.

Much love,


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