Restoration E-WorkBook

There’s a level of self-awareness and transparency we all want to have in our lives. While you aren’t able to turn your mind off, you are able to control your responses and how you choose to navigate oncoming challenges or changes. Making the change to improve and discover a healthy balance in your life can be difficult. But when you seek out support and learn to channel that internal voice, you can do incredible work towards empowerment and healing. In the workbook Restoration, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, and Author Cassandre Deus writes her truth to help people embrace their true selves. Through strategies that help to unveil clarity, peace, liberation, and much more, each pillar in the book presents significant tools that are necessary for the process of restoring balance in your life.

As a personal development workbook, Restoration gives readers an opportunity to become reacquainted with themselves in a way that prompts emotional wellbeing and sustainability. Everyone wants to be able to make adequate changes in their life. Whether you want to make adjustments based on the past or just be more in tune with your surroundings and how they affect your day-to-day life.

Each section of the workbook highlights different strategies and skills to help you dig deep into who you are and what you can improve on. With various prompts used as exercises to generate self-assessment, this book makes you really take the time and think about your life in its entirety. Oftentimes, we are so busy with all that life has to offer each day that we don’t take the time to see if or how we are progressing and making decisions to ultimately improve our quality of life. When you make space to rediscover who you are, you’ll be surprised by not only what you find but the trajectory it sets for your future.

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