Lifting Anxiety

It can be hard to pinpoint the moments. Those feelings of dread, panic, or impending doom. You worry but can’t seem to find where to channel those feelings. When your mind starts to race, you quickly begin to feel the walls closing in, and your chest feels like it’s also beginning to close in on your heart. You can’t see the immediate danger, but you can feel it.

Anxiety can feel different depending on the person, but then there’s often the question of why am I feeling this way? It may be hard to remember when it started, but for many, it started off with a period of trauma in that person’s life. In people of color, studies have shown that anxiety is prevalent at young ages and continues into adult life. For some, this feeling of anxiousness may feel like a regular occurrence, and therefore don’t seek out any form of treatment.

It’s imperative to realize that everyone has a right to feel peace. No matter what pain you may have dealt with in the past or what obstacles may happen in the future, you should feel safe and comforted within your body and mind. The first step is acknowledging your symptoms and try to remember the last time you felt peace within your body. Was there a period in your life where you weren’t anxious? Do you have a memory that triggers your anxiety? These answers may help get the root of your stress and be able to connect you closer to the relief you deserve. Often, a combination of approaches can be beneficial to assist the source of anxious feelings. Your brain wants relief just as much as you do, and by strengthen coping skills, the weight can be lifted.

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